13thirty Cancer Connect, Inc.  Implement a program to support parents and families of children, youth, and young adults with cancer to reduce their stress and increase their health and wellness.  Amount Awarded: $6,934.  Counties Served: Wyoming;Genesee;Livingston;Monroe;Ontario;Orleans;Seneca;Wayne;Yates.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester  Purchase uniforms, tee shirts, dancing shoes, and small audio equipment and hire additional part-time staff for the Sweet Dancerz program offering classes six days a week for youth 6 to 18.  Amount Awarded: $12,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Cameron Community Ministries  Hire a part-time Community Social Worker to assist low income families and individuals to access physical, mental and dental health services, income supports, and benefits.  Amount Awarded: $23,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Care-A-Van Ministries, Inc.  Replace tires and batteries on fleet of donated/second-hand vehicles used by street ministry to provide emotional support, food, and clothing to Batavia families experiencing economic instability or drug addiction.  Amount Awarded: $6,079.  Counties Served: Genesee.

Cayuga/Seneca Community Action Agency, Inc. Expand the South County Transportation Corps (SCTC) to provide rides for residents throughout Seneca County who need access to medical and dental appointments.  Amount Awarded: $4,406.  Counties Served: Seneca.

Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester Purchase an adapted Play-and- Rock Glider for the Play with Possibilities Playground which will provide barrier- free recreational opportunities for both disabled and typical children, ages 2-21.  Amount Awarded:  $15,000.  Counties Served: Genesee;Monroe;Yates.

City of Batavia Housing Authority  Renovate three areas outside a Batavia Housing authority apartment building to expand opportunities for low income senior and disabled residents to participate in exercise, recreation, and social activities.  Amount Awarded: $11,029.  Counties Served: Genesee.

Community Partners for Youth  Start a “Bigs in Blue” one-to-one mentoring program that connects twenty-five city youth in grades 4th to 6th with City of Rochester police. The program is a national model to reduce risky behavior and improve school graduation rates, while strengthening law enforcement relationships with youth and the community.  Amount Awarded: $17,074.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Compeer Rochester, Inc. Train and credential five new part-time Peer Mentors to work as peer advocates with young people who have mental illnesses.  Amount Awarded: $6,938.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Daystar for Medically Fragile Children, Inc.  Expand Daystar nursing staff caring for an increased number of medically fragile children 6 months to 6 years of age.  Amount Awarded: $39,940.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Focus on the Children  Provide new beds, cribs, mattresses and bedding for families who are financially unable to provide a safe, separate sleeping space for their child.  Amount Awarded:  $12,000.  Counties Served: Livingston.

Foodlink Expansion and beautification of the Lexington Avenue Urban Farm, located in the Edgerton neighborhood of Northwest Rochester.  Amount Awarded: $15,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Garth Fagan Dance Inc.  Provide students ages 5-12 in the School 29 after school program with dancing lessons at the Garth Fagan studio. Program provides physical exercise, nutrition, healthy snacks and transportation.  Amount Awarded: $14,765.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Gilda’s Club Rochester  Replace outdated computer hardware and software to improve business practices and communication with cancer patients, survivors and their families who receive support through Gilda’s Club. Amount Awarded:  $14,800.  Counties Served: Monroe;Ontario;Wayne.

Gillam-Grant Community Center  Purchase equipment and hire an instructor for a new indoor cycling and spinning program for youth, adults and seniors in the rural Byron-Bergen area where there are few facilities for affordable physical activity.  Amount Awarded:  $15,029.  Counties Served: Genesee;Monroe.

GLOW Young Men’s Christian Association  Equipment and renovations for a new Teen Center that will provide a safe place for out-of-school time activities: a gymnasium for active play, a learning center for tutoring and educational support and quiet areas for passive and creative programming.  Amount Awarded: $17,600.  Counties Served: Genesee.

Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly  Update, print, and distribute the GRAPE ElderPages Directory; a key resource for seniors, their families, and others who serve seniors to locate needed health, housing, socialization, transportation, and other services.  Amount Awarded:  $8,000.  Counties Served: Livingston;Monroe;Ontario;Wayne.

His Branches, Inc.  Decrease appointment no-show and cancellation rates and gaps in care among patients in urban family medicine practice. Strategies include: customer service training for practice staff, an automated reminder system, and providing transportation and child care.  Amount Awarded: $11,567.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Home Meal Service, Inc.  Purchase equipment (coolers, warming carriers, heating tiles) to keep food warm or cold during delivery to meals-on-wheels customers.  Amount Awarded: $4,000.  Counties Served: Wayne.

Honeoye Falls – Mendon Volunteer Ambulance, Inc. (HFMVA)  Purchase triband radios to replace outdated equipment that can no longer communicate across and with the 3 counties served by the HFMVA.  Amount Awarded:  $24,687.  Counties Served: Livingston;Monroe;Ontario.

Hope Lutheran Food Pantry  Expand food distribution program to include essential health and hygiene items (soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste) that low income families and individuals need but cannot purchase with SNAP benefits.  Amount Awarded: $7,500.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Horizons at Warner Expand physical activity options for adolescent girls participating in Horizon’s summer program. Fencing, dance, cheerleading and yoga will be offered.  Amount Awarded: $4,230.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Huther-Doyle Memorial, Institute Inc. Purchase exam room equipment for expansion of Huther Health Clinic to provide primary health care for patients in their existing behavioral health practice.  Amount Awarded: $19,249.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Ibero-American Development Corporation  Purchase computers for a collaborative effort among neighborhood organizations and substance abuse treatment providers to increase access to treatment for a high number of heroin users in the El Camino neighborhood.  Amount Awarded: $2,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Jefferson Family Health Fund  Provide physical exercise activities for patients and neighbors of the Jefferson Family Medicine practice in the South West area of the City of Rochester. Activities include walking groups, biking, aerobics, and chair yoga.  Amount Awarded: $7,403.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester  Funding for thirty-five K-6 students from School 22 to attend Camp Sisol for weeks in the summer of 2018. Program offers daily physical activity, healthy eating, music, theatre, arts and crafts, and overnight experiences.  Amount Awarded: $31,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Judicial Process Commission  Train staff and mentors working with ex-offenders in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions to better assist these men and women to address mental health and substance abuse problems, and to prevent relapse and recidivism.  Amount Awarded: $24,871.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc.  Conduct a Blue Zone planning and assessment process in the City of Canandaigua. The goal is to improve community health and longevity by community adoption of nine healthy living characteristics that research has found to be common in the healthiest areas of the world.  Amount Awarded: $5,000.  Counties Served: Ontario.

Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County, Inc.  Offer a 6 session program to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual wellness of youth ages 15 to 21. Participants will use yoga, meditation, and journaling to learn new skills for managing stress and anxiety.  Amount Awarded: $5,545.  Counties Served: Monroe.

National Audubon Society, Inc. DBA Montezuma Audubon Center  Provide active outdoor recreation and environmental education programs for Clyde- Savannah and North Rose-Wolcott middle and high school students for six weeks of school vacation during the 2017/2018 school year.  Amount Awarded:  $10,146.  Counties Served: Wayne.

North East Area Development, Inc. Provide seasonal access to fresh vegetables and local healthy food products for up to 350 residents of the Beechwood community through three weekly programs in the summer of 2017.  Amount Awarded: $6,281.  Counties Served: Monroe.

OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc.  Provide equipment and venue fees to veterans who have graduated from one of eight sports programs and will be continuing to engage in their chosen sport after their OASIS involvement ends.  Amount Awarded: $9,558.  Counties Served: Genesee;Livingston;Monroe;Ontario;Wayne;Yates.

Partners in Deaf Health, Inc.  Pilot to translate Emergency Department discharge instructions to an American Sign Language video format to improve communication with deaf patients and increase their understanding and follow through with post discharge care.  Amount Awarded: $11,456.  Counties Served: Genesee;Livingston;Monroe;Ontario;Orleans;Wayne.

Quad A for Kids Fully implement the Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) curriculum and begin Action-Based Learning (ABL) in four city after- school programs to increase children’s daily physical activity.  Amount Awarded: $13,128.  Counties Served: Monroe.

R Community Bikes, Inc.  Purchase 26 adult sized trikes and distribute to the low income disabled who can benefit from biking exercise but cannot use regular bicycles.  Amount Awarded: $9,880.  Counties Served: Monroe.

RCSD James P.B. Duffy School No. 12  Provide after-school drumming and dancing classes for K-8 children attending School 12 who have little access to culturally relevant physical activities. Amount Awarded: $5,300.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts  Hire a social worker to address the social-emotional needs of students ages 4 to 11 that are not currently met by limited counseling staff at this charter school.  Amount Awarded: $32,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

RESOLVE of Greater Rochester, Inc.  Pilot Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Virtual Health Coach, an interactive software application that will facilitate patient education about the health and safety effects of IPV and assist patient connection to community resources.  Amount Awarded:  $15,000.  Counties Served: Livingston;Monroe;Wayne.

RH Cub Care Zone Introduce a new music program specifically designed for Kindergarten and first grade students. Program will provide basic active music instruction to support brain development and social emotional skills.  Amount Awarded: $5,295.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Rochester Accessible Adventures  Hire a part-time Inclusion Specialist to partner with the City of Rochester R-Centers and School District to develop and pilot a plan for creating access to public active recreation facilities and programs for city children and youth with disabilities.  Amount Awarded: $20,000.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Rochester Bible Baptist Church  Provide a year-long, weekly, structured health improvement program with nutritional cooking classes, couponing, and exercise classes for people in the church community. Amount Awarded: $12,379.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Rochester Childfirst Network  Provide an 8 hour, hands on nutritional meal planning and preparation training course and in home coaching for Family Day Care providers to improve the nutritional value of the meals they serve to children in their care. Instructions for physical exercise for children will also be included.  Amount Awarded: $8,873.  Counties Served: Livingston;Monroe;Ontario.

Royal Church Of God In Christ (COGIC)  Certify 30 volunteers from 5 COGIC churches in CPR/First Aid/AED and equip each church with an AED (defibrillator) so that volunteers can respond to health emergencies during congregation worship or events.  Amount Awarded: $9,068.  Counties Served: Monroe;Orleans.

Samaritan Women, Inc.  Provide addiction recovery support services for African American women, 18 years and older. Services include recovery coaching, life skills classes, physical exercise and disease prevention education.  Amount Awarded: $11,960.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Savannah Chamber of Commerce  Funding to have Savannah’s 2 mile West Shore Trail property officially surveyed so the completed design plan for the trail can be implemented for residents and visitor use and daily physical exercise.  Trail resurfacing, rest stations and a picnic area are also needed to make the trail usable for all ages and abilities and a variety of sports/activities.  Amount Awarded:  $15,000.  Counties Served: Wayne.

Seneca Waterways Council, Boy Scouts of America  Purchase two AEDs(defibrillators) to mobilize for Scouting events and train Boy Scout Camp Staff,  Professional Staff, and volunteers in CPR/AED and First Aid Courses. Amount Awarded: $12,071.  Counties Served: Monroe;Ontario;Seneca;Wayne;Yates.

St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center, Inc.  Two year project to address structural racism within organizations providing health and behavioral health services to low income poor people of color and graduate students preparing for work in poor communities.  Amount Awarded: $10,000.  Counties Served: Wyoming;Genesee;Livingston;Monroe;Ontario;Orleans;Seneca;Wayne;Yates.

St. Mark’s & St. John’s Episcopal Church Build and support raised bed gardens at the home of five neighborhood families who do not have enough resources to purchase fresh vegetables.  Amount Awarded: $2,426.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Town of Hamlin Recreation Dept. Purchase equipment (Large TV, DVD) to provide additional physical activity and recreation courses to Hamlin residents via video instruction. Courses would target a variety of ages and include exercise and nutrition/health literacy.  Amount Awarded: $2,500.  Counties Served: Monroe;Orleans.

Town of Lodi Purchase and install reflective, numbered address markers for each property in the town so emergency responders can quickly locate individuals and properties in need.  Amount Awarded:  $23,357.  Counties Served: Seneca.

True North Rochester Preparatory Charter School  Provide weekly on site yoga instruction to Rochester Prep students to reduce stress and improve wellness.  Amount Awarded: $6,500.  Counties Served: Monroe.

Yates County Public Health Dept.  Provide the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) of regular exercise and nutrition education for pre-diabetic and diabetic adults in Yates County to support healthy lifestyle changes.  Amount Awarded: $7,135.  Counties Served: Yates.

YWCA of Genesee County, Inc. Expand the YWCA’s Summer Adventure program for 5-12 year old’s to recruit 50 more children, include hands on gardening and cooking activities and expand outdoor physical activity.  Amount Awarded: $14,556.  Counties Served: Genesee.