The Greater Rochester Health Foundation’s mission is to improve the health status of residents of the Greater Rochester community, including people whose unique health care needs have not been met because of race, ethnicity, or income. In this endeavor, we hold ourselves accountable by working to determine the evidence-based goals and outcomes of our grants. The following Program Evaluations are one way we track and measure our grants’ effectiveness in impacting our community.

As our grantees wrap up the work on their programs, we work with independent and objective outside evaluators to assess and determine each initiative’s impact. The Evaluation Reports are honest looks back at each program, documenting process results and outcomes and sharing lessons learned.

Evaluation Report – Post-Acute Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Evaluation Report – Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS)

Evaluation Report – Program to Reduce Depression Among High-Risk Patients

Evaluation Report – Remote Simultaneous Medical Interpretation