General Contact Information

Phone Number:   585-258-1799
Fax Number:   585-258-1711
Mailing Address:   150 State St. Suite 100   |   Rochester, NY 14614

Media Inquiries

Gregg Dinino, Roberts Communications
Contact Information:   585.246.0256   |

Staff/Email Inquiries

John Urban, President and CEO
Contact Information:   585.258.1704   |
Thomas Wesley, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Contact Information:   585.258.1702   |
Jennifer M. Baker, Information Technology Manager
Contact Information:   585.258.1724   |
Anita Black, Associate Program Officer
Area of Focus: Children's Behavioral Health
Contact Information:   585.258.1714   |
Heidi F. Burke, Senior Program Officer
Area of Focus: Childhood Healthy Weight
Contact Information:   585.258.1708   |
Kristine K. Feeney, Administrative Assistant
Contact Information:   585.258.1716   |
Maynor G. González, Program Officer
Area of Focus: Neighborhood Health Status Improvement and Clinical Services for Older Adults
Contact Information:   585.258.1703   |
Diane Larter, Program Consultant
Area of Focus: Community Health Grants
Contact Information:   585.258.1715   |
Hannah Stark, Associate Administrative Assistant
Contact Information:   585.258.1701   |
Sharon Legette-Sobers, Senior Program Officer
Area of Focus: Health Care Delivery and Opportunity Grants
Contact Information:   585.258.1710   |
Justin Rand, Director of Accounting and Administration
Contact Information:   585.258.1707   |
Jonathan Wallace, Technical Support Associate
Contact Information:   585.258.1723   |
Barbara J. Zappia, Chief Learning Officer
Area of Focus: Neighborhood Health Status Improvement
Contact Information:   585.258.1709   |