The measurable results of some Health Foundation-funded grantees may enable them to leverage this work to secure new funding from another source. This might include funding to expand a successful pilot project or extend a program to serve different populations or people in a different geographic area. If these new funds are received within a year from the conclusion of our funding, we consider these leveraged funds.

Since inception, we have helped grantees leverage an additional $522,000. For example, Healthi Kids received $400,000 from the Health Foundation and $360,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for its advocacy program which focuses on building an effective public/practice change agenda to achieve healthy weight in children. The S2AY Rural Health Network funded under our Neighborhood Health Status Improvement Initiative for $65,000 was able to leverage an additional $20,000 from local sources for creation of a playground at a housing complex. Other examples of leveraged funds may be found in the grantee descriptions.